Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of Fergus Falls began in the summer of 2000. There was a pastor (Ron Weller) in place who initiated an informational meeting outlining the process of planting a church. The meeting was open to all and quite well attended. At the second meeting, a group of 15 people came together. They met, prayed, studied, discussed, had fellowship, and ate together 1-2 times per week for six months. The first public worship service was launched on March 18th, 2001 at the YMCA. Since that time, there have been seasons of numeric growth and reduction. After Pastor Ron left, the church went through a time of lay leadership and also hired an interim pastor (Kent Groethe) who served for 15 months. Then, in August of 2007, Eric Uggerud became the full-time pastor.

Cornerstone Church has always had its eyes looking outside of its own four walls. We desire to be a group of people who walk closely with God and who help other people walk closely with God. As such, we have continually focused on missions, sending many people over several trips locally and abroad.

In 2009, Cornerstone Church adopted a new set of core values and approved the EFCA’s new denominational statement of faith, which was merely an update without major changes.

Following a year of prayer seeking God’s will, the leadership team recommended Cornerstone Church pursue a permanent location. With a strong desire to be a “light” in the center of town, the church purchased a storefront building in November, 2012. An immediate remodel of the main level was commenced, with the first service held on May 5th, 2013.

We desire to worship God according to His ways, with sincere hearts. The Bible has been, and will continue to be, our guidebook. We hope and pray that we will honor the Lord and that He will bless us in whichever ways He sees fit.